EMS, Health & Safety Education

Stevens County EMS education provides area business and industry, first responder teams, law enforcement, fire, ambulance services and healthcare providers with basic and advanced level emergency health and safety education programs.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Course (Register Here)

Emergency Medical Technician, (EMT) - in conjunction with the University of Minnesota - Morris
This class is designed for anyone interested in advanced medical education and students or community members interested in healthcare careers. The class prepares students to complete the National and State certification examinations for Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

Emergency Medical Technician - Refresher Course , (EMT-R)

EMT education is offered for college credits and is also available for college credit to high school PSEO students at the Morris Area High School, surrounding high schools and home schools students.

For more information Call 320-589-7421



13-month Paramedic Certification Course

Minnesota & North Dakota

Call about our the upcoming course starting
August 2016 or about connecting your community to Emergency Training Associates (ETA) on-line
and on-site paramedic program.

Class meets every Wednesday (2pm-10pm ITV) and one weekend per month (3rd weekend).

Nationally Accredited Paramedic certification program in North Dakota and Minnesota


For information about our next Paramedic program contact us
PJ Hardy, Vicki Berreth, or
Leann Cortes
at 1-855-833-5720

How to Save a Life (TM)

Ringdahl EMS will provide your business or organization a 1 hour FREE presentation called "How to Save a Life" (TM). This program highlights the important immediate critical steps in an emergency that everyone should know. How to perform immediate first aid, "hands-only" CPR, how to use an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED), and what to do in those first few minutes before the ambulance arrives. Life-saving information for you, your business or your community organization. Contact us for more information at aed@ringdahlems.com

Safety Education for Business and Industry

Course Offerings:

Contact us at 320-589-7421 or email info@stevensems.com


SAVE THE DATE - TOPICS IN EMS: Medical Education Conference
4th Annual Conference
Fergus Falls, MN - February 13, 2016 - 8 hours CE