Stevens County Ambulance Service is an Advanced Life Support (ALS)ambulance company and a Minnesota and South Dakota approved EMS Education institution located in Morris, MN. SCAS provides all levels of medical transportation services including BLS, ALS, Critical Care, inter-facility patient transfers, and 911 emergency response throughout Stevens County and surrounding area of western Minnesota. The service maintains five ALS equipped ambulances along with a staff of seven full-time personnel and approximately twenty-five part-time EMTs and Paramedics. SCAS provides ALS intercept capabilities with a quick response vehicle to the surrounding BLS services in Pope, Grant, Swift, Big Stone, and Traverse counties when dispatched and requested. EMS Education provides initial, refresher, customized education for EMS agencies, along with CPR, AED, and first-aid education for businesses and community organizations.

Stevens County Ambulance and EMS Education offices are located at 209 South US Highway 9 in Morris.

Stevens County Ambulance & EMS Education in conjunction with the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association - Western Minnesota chapter, provides FREE Hands-Only CPR and AED presentations for area business and community organizations. "How to Save a Life" program has trained over 7,000 people in the past three years around west central Minnesota. What could be more important than learning this valuable potentially life-saving skill. Contact us for more information.

Contact us at 320-589-7421, 1-855-88 SAFETY (1-855-887-2338) or email Bob Griffith, Education Director

About Us

Stevens County Ambulance and EMS Education is managed locally by a full-time director, Josh Fischer, EMT-P. He oversees day to day management, operations, human resources, scheduling, billing, licensing, education, and community activities. His close connection with community agencies and officials provides a well integrated EMS system of care with area emergency services and healthcare providers. In addition to ALS ambulance services, Stevens EMS has provided high quality EMS education programs to West Central Minnesota for over 30 years. SCEMS provides medical education programs to aproximately 3,000 people annually from community and business basic CPR, AED and first aid certification, to more advanced in-hospital courses such as ACLS and PALS for physicians, nurses and paramedics. Our training coordinator, Bob Griffith, EMT/IC has over 25 year experience in EMS, is a retired firefighter, and previously worked in occupational health and safety for a large manufacturing corporation. Bob is Director of Education for our company in Morris but also serves much of west central Minnesota with outreach programs for EMS personnel and health education programming. He is dedicated to providing excellence in educational programs for fire, EMS, law enforcement, business, industry and schools.
Julie Tonn, Administrative/Billing Specialist has over 20 years experience with ambulance medical billing, Medicare, Medical Assistance and 3rd party payors. She is available to assist patients and their families navigate the complicated healthcare system and answer any billing questions or concerns.

The Stevens County ambulance service works closely with each of the area first responder teams in Chokio, Donnelly, Hancock, Cyrus, Herman, Kensington and the entire west central area of Minnesota. These teams are critical assets to the EMS system in the area and they provide exceptional care. The teams are dependent on volunteers in their community and these volunteers dedicate many hours of time training and responding to emergencies throughout the area. Together our services respond to over 900 emergency and non-emergency patient requests each year.

Morris is home to the University of Minnesota - Morris campus and the collaboration between the ambulance service and the University for over 30 years has provided UMM students with an opportunity to obtain Emergency Medical Technician certification, work experience, and income opportunities while attending classes at UMM. Typically "pre-med" students were the primary students seeking certification and patient care experience to enhance their applications to medical school, however students seeking many degrees and career paths are understanding the importance of emergency medical certification for all professions. These highly motivated university students provide many area healthcare facilities including the ambulance service with a steady resource of personnel to compliment our local community personnel.


SAVE THE DATE - TOPICS IN EMS: Medical Education Conference
4th Annual Conference
Fergus Falls, MN - February 13, 2016 - 8 hours CE